Citing Sources and Paraphrasing

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ESL 21b- Citing Your Sources and Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing- preserve the author’s meaning, but use your own words. * Change Parts of Speech
* Change Sentence Structure
* Use synonyms (but sparingly)  
ORIGINAL Paragraph 11 Page 6
“Americans are trained to conceive of themselves as separate individuals, and they assume everyone else in the world is too.” (6)

Acceptable or Not Acceptable? Why?
1. Althen explains Americans are trained to think of themselves as separate people, and they assume everyone else in the world is as well. (6)

2. Althen explains that people in the United States are taught to think of themselves as distinct from others, and they assume everyone else in the world is too. (6).

3. Americans grow up believing that they and everyone else is the world are separate and distinct individuals .

4. Althen maintains that Americans don't like to work as part of a group (6)

5. Althen asserts that American children are raised to think of themselves as distinct individuals and they tend to believe that everyone in the world sees themselves in the same way. (6) PARAPHRASE GROUP ACTIVITY  

With your group write a paraphrase for each quote.  Be sure to cite your source. Refer to your handout. 1. “Americans are generally impatient with people they see as passively accepting conditions that are less than desirable.”  (See paragraph 29, p. 10).

2. “People without the Americans’ action orientation often see Americans as frenzied, “on the go,” never satisfied, compulsively active, and often impatient.” (See par. 37, page 1 1).

3. “Americans assume that people ‘need some time to themselves’ or ‘some time alone’ to think about things or to recover their spent psychological energy.” (See par. 16, page 8)

4. “Their notions of equality lead Americans to be quite informal in their general behavior and in their relationships with other people.” ( See par. 21, page 9).

5. “Americans are generally less...
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