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1. A benefit of open system architecture is that it:
A. facilitates interoperability.
B. facilitates the integration of proprietary components.
C. will be a basis for volume discounts from equipment vendors. D. allows for the achievement of more economies of scale for equipment.

NOTE: Open systems are those for which suppliers provide components whose interfaces are defined by public standards, thus facilitating interoperability between systems made by different vendors. In contrast, closed system components are built to proprietary standards so that other suppliers' systems cannot or will not interface with existing systems.

2. An IS auditor discovers that developers have operator access to the command line of a production environment operating system. Which of the following controls would BEST mitigate the risk of undetected and unauthorized program changes to the production environment? A. Commands typed on the command line are logged

B. Hash keys are calculated periodically for programs and matched against hash keys calculated for the most recent authorized versions of the programs C. Access to the operating system command line is granted through an access restriction tool with preapproved rights D. Software development tools and compilers have been removed from the production environment

NOTE: The matching of hash keys over time would allow detection of changes to files. Choice A is incorrect because having a log is not a control, reviewing the log is a control. Choice C is incorrect because the access was already granted—it does not matter how. Choice D is wrong because files can be copied to and from the production environment.

3. In the context of effective information security governance, the primary objective of value delivery is to: A. optimize security investments in support of business objectives. B. implement a standard set of security practices.

C. institute a standards-based solution.
D. implement a continuous improvement culture.
NOTE: In the context of effective information security governance, value delivery is implemented to ensure optimization of security investments in support of business objectives. The tools and techniques for implementing value delivery include implementation of a standard set of security practices, institutionalization and commoditization of standards-based solutions, and implementation of a continuous improvement culture considering security as a process, not an event.

4. During a review of a business continuity plan, an IS auditor noticed that the point at which a situation is declared to be a crisis has not been defined. The MAJOR risk associated with this is that: A. assessment of the situation may be delayed.

B. execution of the disaster recovery plan could be impacted. C. notification of the teams might not occur.
D. potential crisis recognition might be ineffective.

NOTE: Execution of the business continuity plan would be impacted if the organization does not know when to declare a crisis. Choices A, C and D are steps that must be performed to know whether to declare a crisis. Problem and severity assessment would provide information necessary in declaring a disaster. Once a potential crisis is recognized, the teams responsible for crisis management need to be notified. Delaying this step until a disaster has been declared would negate the effect of having response teams. Potential crisis recognition is the first step in responding to a disaster.

5. When implementing an IT governance framework in an organization the MOST important objective is: A. IT alignment with the business.
B. accountability.
C. value realization with IT.
D. enhancing the return on IT investments.

NOTE: The goals of IT governance are to improve IT performance, to deliver optimum business value and to ensure regulatory compliance. The key practice in support of these goals is the strategic alignment of IT with the...
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