Cinema: West to East

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Film Authorship
Ricciotto Canudo (1828) pointed out, “Cinema is the seventh art”. Any artists in each type of art have its own artistic style, even it is a film. Mise-en-scène is a good example to distinguish these artists. Every time we watch a film, we can find some period or some shots that we can identify the unique style. In film, we call autheurism. Although every film have its own story, different setting and different contents, we still find something whatever in comedy or tragedy that they are similar. According to the rule of auteur theory and authorship, each director has their own style. Because they can control anything in mise-en-scène including the set, attentive to décor, performance, and camera positioning and movement, so they may add something automatically in their film even they do not know. We can identify it like appraisal on each artist. Even though there is a difference in film genre, we may find some similar shots in mise-en-scène. To prove the rule of auteur theory and authorship, we choose a famous Hong Kong female director---Ann Hui, and find her two literary films - The Way We Are (2008)and Night and fog(2009). These two films have a same location ---Tin Shui Wai and same topic about family, but they have different story and plot. We will analyze these two films and find their similar period even if their story and plot have directly difference. Film style by Ann Hui

About Ann Hui
To understand Ann Hui's style, we should know some information about her background first, because the majority of the people's habits is the portrayal of the background of life. Ann Hui was born in Anshan and moved to Hong Kong when she was five years old. She studied in SL Paul’s Convert School and graduated from the University of Hong Kong in 1972. After she acquired master degrees English language and literature and comparative literary studies, she flight to British and spent two years studying in the International Film School. Ann Hui returned to Hong Kong in 1975, then entered TVB as editor and director in 1977 and cooperated with ICAC to produce an anti-corruption series of films. In 1978, she transferred to Radio Television Hong Kong and made many serials and documentaries on 16 mm like Boy from Vietnam which was her first film on Vietnam. She started to dedicate her main career as film director from 1979 and made her first feature The Secret(1979). After that, she had made many other famous films such as Boat People (1982), Summer Snow (1994), Visible Secret (2001), The Way we are (2008), Night and Frog(2009) and so on. The genre involved in her film was Kong Fu action, family, documentary about social issue, mystery, crime and so on. Also, she is the only one who won the best director award four times in Hong Kong film Awards until now. Ann Hui is good at shooting social movie, just like this two films, The Way We Are and Night and Fog, it mainly describes the residents and new migrants living in Tin Shui Wai and revealing their routine lives. Although there are some real cases occurring in daily life, Ann Hui has to think about how the shoot can make the story becoming touching. Also, it contributes to people substituting into the story no matter the story is happy reunion or tragedy. Her style in describing people’s nature and their mind is useful that audiences can be ease getting into; especially the character is female as she had lots of life experience. Therefore she can make more attraction in female character rather than male, but it would not stand for everyone can present the story well. Ann Hui has to rely on using special combination of mise-en-scene on the shot to present the scene well and thus making the social movie to become more attractive and meaningful. As a result, her style is really important to acknowledge the contribution of social movie. Ann Hui’s Style

In film text, one of major term is mise-en-scène. It is about how to present and adjust the existence of a real world in a...
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