Cigarette Advertising

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  • Published : March 19, 2013
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I. Introduction
a. When it comes to products that pose an immediate health risk tobacco, alcohol and prescription drugs are front-runners for debate. With statistical data in mind it is obvious that each of these three industries manufacture and promote products that are hazardous to the consumers health. Should there be advertising restrictions on products that pose an immediate health risk to consumer? b. Sources

i. Past and present bans ineffectiveness
ii. Advertisement Restriction is violating first amendment iii. Putting the health of the consumer first calls fro advertisement restriction c. Presentation
iv. Statistical analysis of Consumption related to advertisement restriction v. Examples of supreme court rulings
vi. Health hazards to the consumer
II. Summary
d. Henry Saffer and Frank Chaloupka from National Bureau of Economics Research wrote the article for the Journal of Health Economics e. Audience- those who are seeking ways to reduce tobacco consumption. Authors seek to settle debate over advertising ban f. Detailed Bans= Effectiveness Partial bans= Ineffectiveness vii. References Journals and Bureau studies done internationally viii. Facts presented logically with numbers and charts to back argument g. I plan to use information to clarify what should be done with advertisement bans III. Summary

h. Lawrence Gostin, from the American Journal of Public Health i. Intended audience, people seeking to regulate advertisement ix. Gostin finds the deregulation of advertising to be a decision made without the publics health in mind j. Claim- federal government is giving unlawful rights to advertise harmful products x. References- supreme court cases

xi. Presenting rulings that the author doesn’t agree with k. Present as author did in pointing out flaws in the reuling favoring...
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