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World Religions
Writing Project 1
First Church Visit
I have grown up as a Hindu Indian, and as one who does not go to temple every week either. I have never been to any kind of a Catholic service. I was nervous to go and did not know what to expect from the church or the service or even the people there. Being Hindu, I did not know very much about the Catholic religion at all. From the little that I know about the Catholic religion, Hindu rituals and prayers were very different from Catholic rituals and prayers. One big thing was that, for church you usually go in the morning, whereas whenever my family and I would go to the temple, we would go later at night; which is what most Hindu’s went to.

I went to Cathedral Basilica in Saint Louis with a few friends, one of which goes every Sunday morning. The three of them were all Catholics and I was the only one from a different religion, so it felt really weird. We went to the ten o’clock service. All I had to do was walk out of my building and walk down the street. At least being with friends, it felt a little less weird. When we walked into the church, I noticed that there were a lot of students there. That made me feel even more comfortable, to be with people who were my age. I was a little surprised that that many students went to church on Sunday mornings. When I’m at home, I don’t attend temple every Sunday but I do know that other Hindu’s who are my age do go every Sunday. But the difference between the students who attend the Journey and the students who attend temples at home, is that the students here actually go to church for the religious service; whereas the kids at home just go for the social life that goes along with going to temple every week.

My first impression of the church was that it was absolutely gorgeous and huge. The building was white with green tops. You can hear the church bells going off every hour. The church was just beautiful on the outside. The inside did...
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