Chronological Order - “Preparation Before Create Animation 2d”

Topics: Adobe Flash, Debut albums, ActionScript Pages: 1 (288 words) Published: June 21, 2011
In the technology aspect development, animation 2D become one of the choices in the broadcast world. Because it is not easy to make it, Macromedia Flash software becomes the main one to make 2D animation. Because in there available some command has help for beginner. And it has steps before running this software that have to be noticed. Like; knowing the variety of the motions, understanding the action script and able in drawing manually. First, we must know the differences of the kind of motions animation in macromedia flash. Such as it called frame by frame, it is used when you want to make animation looks softly in the movement. Next, movie clip is included within another movie and at the same time it can to be associated. And then, motion guide is used to help the movement based on our outline. Motion shape, as the name of the ‘shape’ it means change happened on the shape. Second, we have to understand the action script when we use it. Action script is a command for movement on the object. Action script command is used, just for complex animation. And the last is drawing manually. You must draw each movement illustration by a piece of paper, being sure to get the correct proportions in every movement difference. Then, scan the pages and finish in macromedia flash. The conclusion is before making some 2D animation we have to prepare about everything that we need. The first one is we have to know the kind motions of animation that we want to used. Second, when we make complex animation, we must understand the right of the action script. And the last, just draw every different object and then scan it.
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