Christy: Birthday Party

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By: Christy Ortiz
Biries, also known as, birthday parties only come around once a year for each person. The parties that are used to celebrate birthdays come in all different sizes and are celebrated for all different ages. There are many themes to choose from when planning a party. For example, beach, luau, superhero and many more have been used to set up the right scene for the birthday honoree. Most birthday parties consist of different foods such as; pizza, chips, dip, veggies and other finger foods. They can be celebrated with dancing, karaoke and games. Planning a party can become pretty stressful and overwhelming. However, after putting so much work into a birthday party, they always seem to go by too quickly.

Birthday parties thrown for my children usually end up with little kids running around everywhere, game playing and everyone just having a good ole time. These parties are always a good opportunity for the parents of all the children to get to know each other.

Adult birthday parties can be a little different, but in some ways the same. The adults that we usually celebrate with make big plans for a night on the town, dinner and just hanging out with other adults. It is usually just an older version of the way the kids’ party.

Decorations are a huge stand out for parties, as they are usually the first eye catcher. We like to use balloons, nice tablecloths and napkins and any décor to match the theme of which we are celebrating the party with. Do not ever forget the cake and ice cream. A birthday party is not a birthday party without the cake and ice cream. Gifts are sometimes given at biries. They are usually opened towards the end of the party. Biries, also known as birthday parties, can be a blast no matter how many people attend or how old the group is that is celebrating.
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