Christopher Columbus

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  • Published : May 22, 2011
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Is there a difference between Christopher Columbus and Lewis and Clark? These three men all searched on for new land. Christopher who claimed to have discovered America found a land that was inhabited by many Native Americans. Lewis and Clark also found new land inhabited by many Native Americans. The difference, the way Christopher Columbus worked was he slaughtered many to clear the land, while Lewis and Clark did no such thing. Christopher Columbus discovered North America and was expecting to find a lot of gold. He promised the King and Queen a land full of gold, so he was expected to bring back a ton of gold. The problem was the land was scarce of gold, so since the Native Americans looked up to Columbus as if he was their God, he took advantage of this and put many of them to work as his slaves looking for gold. When they didn’t cooperate he had his men kill them, or cut off arms. Christopher chose to get rid of these Native Americans with a bloody and inhumanely way. Lewis and Clark did not choose a bloody and violent way to take the land from the Native Americans. They tried to cooperate with the Natives. Only until later did the Native Americans get treated poorly, when they were removed for their land, after they were ordered to live like the Europeans. When you hear about Lewis and Clark, you find little evidence of violence done by this expedition. Unlike the Christopher Columbus expedition.

The comparison between Christopher Columbus and Lewis and Clark, is that these were explores sent out to find new land for their country. They both had good intentions as they set off. They went where no man had gone before (no European man). But the big difference is that Christopher took advantage of these strange people and killed thousands, just to save his self when he promised a land of gold. In the beginning, Christopher Columbus was a great explorer. He brought us North America and gave us a new start. The problem is that he did it the wrong way; the...
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