Christmas Eve

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Bright rays of sun lights shining through the blinds, it was finally Christmas day. Christmas is wonderful time of the year. Christmas, to my family, means family time and a break from our busy lives. My family from Michigan and Ohio return home. The house is always beautiful when the holiday approaches. I feel enthusiastic. It makes me feel blissful when we are gathered around, and the food; this just the best part. My family and I put up the snow white Christmas tree just like the one that is out up in front of the Medical Center on 10th street. Its fresh grassy colors make everyone stop and stare at its beauty. The colorful lights, like a rainbow after it rains, are reflected all around the walls, over the ice-cold windows, on the dressed up tree; it makes the house as bright as the sun. Christmas is the best holiday with many decorations and activities. During this season we send and receive pleasing, lively cards and gifts; just as the wise-men brought gifts to the birth. We eat a lot of food till we are stuffed especially my brother, Trevor. Christmas is a time when loud and foolish friends and families dress in their skintight dresses or sexy tuxedos and with their up-does and fancy haircuts to gather together to reminisce about the loved ones gone and celebrate joyous day. . Christmas time is genuinely unforgettable and unique impression everyone senses at the depth of a heart.

I would have to say Christmas morning is the attractive morning of all because the sun never fails in supplying a warm ray of sunshine through our family room windows and the expression upon everyone faces when they open their priceless gifts. As one put it, “The smell of pine is everywhere with all the love that we can share” (Willow Firesongs Collection 2001). I wish everyday was Christmas morning. On Christmas the presents are wrapped decorously enough that they look well-dressed. The decorations around the house helps spreads Christmas joy and of course,...
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