Christianity Changed My Life

Topics: Japan, Global warming, Economics Pages: 2 (657 words) Published: July 11, 2013
Combs 1 Caleb Combs Rachel Rocco World Geography 12 June 2012

Project Analyze It Japan growth and expansion today. Japan began its growth after World War II. Environmental policies were downplayed by the government and industrial corporations, because of this environmental pollution was widespread from 1950 1960. Finally in the 1970's the government introduced several environmental protection laws. Due to the lack of resources the oil crisis of 1973 also encouraged the efficient use of energy. The issues of today are urban air pollution, waste management, water eutrophication, nature conservation, climate change, chemical management, and international co-operation for conservation (8) Japan is one of the worlds leaders in development of new environmentally friendly technologies, and they are ranked the 20th best in the world in the 2010 Environmental Performance Index. Japan created a treaty called the Kyoto Protocol, and in doing so are obligated to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and to more steps to curb climate change (8,9). The Edo Period helped to develop the structure of the growth

Combs 2 of Japan's economy. They made the transport routes, by road and water. They made future contracts, and banking and insurance of the Osaka rice brokers. In 1868 Japan expanded economically with the embrace of the market economy. Many of today's enterprises were founded at that time. Japan came out as the most developed nation in Asia. The real economic growth came from the 1960s and 1980s this time is called the Japanese post war miracle (9). During the 1990s the growth slowed down because of the aftereffects of the Japanese asset price bubble and domestic policies that was intended to wring the excesses from the stock and real estate markets. They tried to recover the markets but they couldn't because of the global slowdown in 2000. But in 2005 five they finally started showing signs of a recovery (9). In 2011 Japan is the third national economy in the world after...
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