Christianity and Church

Topics: Christianity, Jesus, Baptism Pages: 3 (1182 words) Published: November 26, 2010
A sacrament can be defined as a 'visible sign of an invisible grace' or 'an outward sign of an inward grace'. Through the visible there is invisible. For example: The Eucharist – Bread and Wine are visible and the Life of Christ is invisible. It is a sign of God's grace, a visible sign, something we are able to see. Therefore the church stands as a visible sign; the invisible grace is God's presence. Hence sacraments make God's presence more real and understandable for us as believers. The church is needed to build up unity among all of us, to bring us together as a community to share in God's life just as God wants.

The church is a sign and instrument of unity with God. God's love for us reconciles us to God and to each other and brings us together in unity. The church reminds us and is a symbol of what God has done for us and what he will do for us. According to Walter Kasper the 'unity of the church is grounded in salvation'. As a community of Christians we all come together in the church. We share in the church and this makes our bond to each other and God stronger. However within this unity we may see diversity. For example the Trinity is made up of three divine spirits, the father, the son and the Holy Spirit. They make up one person. 'Church is made one with the unity of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit'. Just as the Trinity makes up one person, we as Christians work for each other and build up the church together. We make up one body, Jesus Christ and one church.

Just as the church is a sacrament of communion, a sign and instrument of unity among all men, this one sacrament is built up upon the seven sacraments. Christ is the sacrament of God, he is a visible sign of God's invisible grace, the church is then a sacrament of Christ, the church is to us a sign of God's grace. It is an instrument in its role to bring us together as a community. The church has a role to play in our lives just as we have a role to play in the life of the...
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