Christianity's Function in Matagari by Ngugi Wa Thiong’o’S

Topics: Trinity, Christianity, Holy Spirit Pages: 4 (1291 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Mrs. Anderson
IB English A1 11
December 19, 2012
Christianity function in Matagari
Ngugi wa Thiong’o’s Matagari catalogs the story of Matagari, Guthera, and Muriuki as they look for truth and justice across their country. During this journey the story highlights many Biblical allusions that play a major role in the story development and how Matagari, primarily, looks for truth and justice. In order to understand the text, the reader must first understand the basics of Christianity and the Bible. The majority of the passages tell Guthera’s story, as she is the character who most relies on her faith in Jesus Christ and Christianity during the pursuit of justice. Understanding the Bible and Matagari’s goal as he fights the government is key for this text and for this manner of reading Matagari. As he writes he attempts to reach a wide spectrum, however specifically the oppressed in Kenya, as that is his homeland and what he strongly believes in. Therefore the usage of biblical allusions encourages the trio (Guthera Muriuki and Matagari) to pursue justice and act as the Christian Trinity, and functions as a way for citizens to revolt against the government. Matagari functions as the Father in Matagari and represents a part of the Trinity. Matagari started the story fighting an internal battle: whether to fight the government with words or weapons. During his pursuit for truth and justice, he meets Guthera and Muriuki. Guthera lives as a former prostitute who had a very Christian upbringing, but whose father died fighting his government and Muriuki a homeless child with no authority figures or role models in his life. When Matagari first met Muriuki he was terrified of being picked on by the other children and no one to protect him, “if I go back there, the big boy will surely beat me up and steal my things, (Thiong'O, 14)” Guthera struggled to survive after the death of her father and fall into poverty, “During the war for independence, the police arrested her...
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