Christian Symbols

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Christian Symbols

Nathan T. Payne
Grand Canyon University
UNV 200
Professor Diffey
June 04, 2011
Christian Symbols
Communication of thoughts and ideas are not always verbal they can come in different forms such as written languages, sign languages, and even artistic expression via the concept of art and drawings that are often illustrations an artist may hold in their heart and mind. Religious symbols used by Christians have been used to express ideals and beliefs since the pagan era from 849. Pagans used symbols not only because it was a work of art but because their followers were illiterate and symbols were used to educate their followers. The same symbols that were used during the Pagan era are some of the same symbols used today, however in today society religious symbols are used to identify different religions and affiliations with religious organizations. Religious art and symbols are also used to decorate churches, synagogues, and Mosques. Religious Art today is just that artistic symbol with very little or no secret messages. I will discuss the Christian symbols of Gregory the Great and Three Scribes, the Lamentation, and a few other symbols that are very common in identifying religious symbols. In Fiero (2009), the early Christian symbols of Gregory the Great and Three Scribes (p. 101) depict a dove which is the symbol of the Holy Spirit in some cases it means peace and love, however, Gregory is considered an influential theologian and his writings are thought to have been divinely inspired, hence the dove on his shoulder. As stated by Grimm (2011) “The dove has come to mean the Holy Ghost, peace, affection, gentleness, and innocence. There are also different meanings for different colored doves. Christ redeeming man with his blood is symbolized by the red dove. Quite often in our society white doves are also a...
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