Christ the Holy Spirit

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  • Published : February 7, 2013
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In v 2 what is the meaning of “the Spirit hovered” over creation? Where in the NT can we find a link between the Holy Spirit and life/creation? [use an electronic concordance to find a NT verse that has both “Spirit” and “life” in it] When Genesis 1 v2 says The spirit hovered over craetion” it simply means he was observing it and preparing to finish His Creation In John 1 there is a reference to the deity of Jesus Christ and how it ties in with the Holy Spirit

How do the two accounts of creation in Genesis 1 & 2 differ in style and perspective (e.g., compare God’s involvement in each account: how does He go about the creation of mankind in each chapter that is different?)? In Genesis one there is a repeating pattern of God speaking and creation happening then repeat. Where in Genesis chapter 2 the text is written as where God is not “speaking” anymore. He is just creating. Chapter one seems to be written more direct and chapter 2 is written more like painting, like God is just painting with a paintbrush.

To whom do each of the pronouns and nouns refer in Genesis 3:15 (" offspring...hers...he"; (consult a study Bible or commentary)? In Genesis 3:15 the pronouns and nouns were referring to Adam, Eve, God, their offspring, and well as the ones for continuous generations, and Himself, God.

4. Find two different translations for the verb that describes the Spirit’s relationship to humans in Genesis 6:3? Strive: Compete or seek

5. What was God’s intended will for the people living in Genesis 11:1-9? How did they intend to foil God’s will? How did God prevent their plans from succeeding and get them to fulfill His plans for them? God’s will for the people was to go out and be scattered amongst the earth. They wanted to build a giant city so that that would not happen. Their plan was also to build a tower that would extend all the way to the heavens to bring glory to themselves. God ruined there plans when He came down from heaven and...
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