Chris Lang, Tomorrow When the War Began

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The following text is a re-writing of a section from Tomorrow When the War Began, from the perspective of Chris Lang, who is one of the few not taken prisoner after enemy forces seized his hometown, Wirawee. This event gives us an insight into Chris’s character which is an introverted, highly intelligent teenager who is known for writing creative poetry and using many illegal substances. This re-writing shows Chris as he is encountered by a group of friends who are also survivors of the war and we are told about Chris’s battles, not only with the enemy forces, but with his own mind as he lives with depression.

To fight or not
To stand and fall
To be among the proud
Is the greatest
Courage of them all

I once read about a famous poet who said that it takes a lot more courage to live than it does to die. I reckon he was right. Sometimes, life can be pretty damned scary. I mean, take the last few weeks for example.

It was the night that Homer sat us all down for another one of his meetings and Robyn had suggested that we start writing down everything that has happened to us. Amongst all the argument, I vaguely remember Ellie saying something about me being the best writer in the group, and that I should do it. But I think Ellie got the job of recording all our ‘history’ cause she was here from the beginning. I only came in later. But it doesn’t matter. I have my own story to tell.

The day before it all began, Mum and Dad had left for their trip to Ireland. It was the weekend before the Wirawee Commemoration Day Show and I stayed home alone. I had plenty of cigarettes and grog hidden away, so I was happy to not be going. So, it was about 8:30 the next morning and I heard jets racing around. I thought it must be from all the Commemoration Day celebrations. I ignored it and went back to my computer, only, half an hour later the power turned off. I guess anyone normal would have noticed something could have been wrong at that point in time,...
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