Choral Speaking

Topics: Tree, Plant, Animal Pages: 3 (573 words) Published: April 13, 2012
People, animal and plants,
The flora and fauna as in science terms,
Everywhere need forests and trees!
Could you imagine how the world looks like without trees?
Goor morning ladies and gentlemen,
We present you “The trees that dropped their leaves”

On one fine day,
The sun was shining so brightly,
The wind was blowing cool and swiftly,
All the trees in the rainforest were having a big meeting.
Yet, everyone was upset and grumbling.
Why? Why they were sad?
Why? Why they were grumbling?
People were cutting down trees all over the place………timber! It simply wasn’t save anymore!
“Why are they cutting us down anyway?”
asked one little tree.
“For wood,of course,” answered a smart tree.
“To build houses and make tables!” added another.
“To make paper!” said one more.
But what happens when all the trees are gone?
All the trees could only shake their heads sadly…hmmm

If only people could hear us,
If only we could run away,
If only we could chase them away!
If only we could say this…..
Don’t cut us down! Go away!
Don’t hurt us anymore! It’s painful!
You are killing us….please we beg you…
Please go away….but they could not listen to us.

The trees were so frightened and sad that they began to die. Their flowers, leaves and fruits fell day by day and did not grow again. (We are dying! We are dying!)
The trees in the city heard about this and began o weep.
They, too, began to drop their fruits and leaves.

Very soon, people started to notice that the trees were bare! “Oh!It’s so hot nowadays, I can’t bare the heat!”
Tree trunks were all that were there!
No cooling leafy shade beneath the trees to have picnics!
It became very warm and dry.
There was hardly any rain from the sky.

The birds had nowhere to build their nests.
There was no cool place for the animals to rest.
The animals in the forest did not know what to do.
They ran into the city to look...
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