Choosing a Career in Law

Topics: Law, Lawyer, Practice of law Pages: 5 (1759 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Matthew Eppard
Ms. Martin
English 10 Pre-AP – Period 1
According to my parents I have always been the kind of person who argues…a lot. Ever since I was little, I’ve always been the kind of person who will try to argue a point regardless of how I think it will turn out. That’s why my parents have been telling me to become a lawyer. Because of this, I have always considered being a lawyer and it is an occupation that I have enjoyed researching about. The career of being a lawyer, which has a progressive history, is a field that has many satisfying characteristics, which include a few negative aspects. There is a lot of history to the occupation of a lawyer that stretches back many years. “The earliest lawyers documented were in Ancient Greece and in Ancient Rome. Early Roman advocates were trained in rhetoric, not law, and the judges before whom they argued were also not law-trained” (Lawyer. Wikipedia). The history of this profession goes back centuries and centuries to a world where law was a completely different thing. Back in these times I bet that they had hardly any laws compared to how many we have now. I have a feeling that court is much harder now than it was back then also. “During the Roman Empire and the early Roman Empire, jurisconsults and advocates were unregulated, since the former were amateurs and the latter were technically illegal” (Lawyer. Wikipedia). This shows that back in its earliest form, there was no real way to tell if someone was actually a lawyer or not. To me this shows how far the profession has gone. Everyone knows who a lawyer is now and there are so many of them, but back during these times anyone could claim that they were one. However now a days lawyers have to go through so much school in order to become a lawyer. As shown above, there is a huge history to the lawyer profession that leads back many centuries. There are many different work tasks of a Lawyer. “Lawyers must be able to represent clients in court and present evidence on behalf of a client that they are defending in either a criminal or civil case” (Lawyer Job). This means that a lawyer is entrusted with many jobs they have to do successfully in order to fulfill the job requirements. It is a lot of work, but after the schooling it should be pretty easy. The lawyer will just have to make sure that they know about the evidence enough to argue it in court. “A lawyer must be able to interpret laws, rules, and regulations to a client in court” (Lawyer Job). After being in schooling the laws and rules should already be known and known well so doing this should be a piece of cake. However getting the client to fully understand the laws is a different story. Especially when the lawyer in question don’t know the client fully and even though they know the laws and rules, they still may not follow them. As shown above, there are many work tasks involved with being a lawyer. Education and training is a very important part of becoming a lawyer and becoming successful as a lawyer. “Most lawyers obtain bachelor's degrees and law school degrees” (Lawyer Job). A bachelor’s degree is a degree earned through four years of a major course. Through these years of schooling, lawyers learn many things about their profession and the things they must know in order to successfully commit to the job. The classes they will take to learn these are in contracts, property law, criminal law, and constitutional law. “Good scores on the Law School Aptitude Test are required for admission. In the last two years of law school, students specialize in the areas of law in which they hope to work” (Lawyer Job). The Law School Aptitude Test is a test that is supposed to measure the student’s success in law school based on reading comprehension of texts, the ability to think critically, the evaluation of the arguments and reasoning of other people. After the test, if it is successfully passed, the student will then be...
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