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Topics: United States, Immigration to the United States, Education Pages: 2 (661 words) Published: October 25, 2012
The issue of immigration has become a major concern of many american citizens today. Some are for immigration, and others against it. though many have their opinions, I'd like to share a true story of an immigrant family, who lived in fear and turmoil and made it safely to the US, to live their own American Dream. This is the story of how my family immigrated to the United States...

My Grandparents left Mexico in 1975, coming to America for a better life and a more peaceful environment in which to raise their family. In Mexico, they lived in endless fear and hardship, a great deal of it brought on by Drug dealers and Murderers. Murders and drug smuggling are a constant worry, and it continues today.

I recognize the hardships my grandparents faced in their homeland, and I know how difficult it was for them to leave friends and family and change their lives completely in order to move to the United States. But not a day goes by that I am not grateful they made this decision. I know how lucky I am to have been born and raised in America and not have to face the oppression and hardship of many living in other countries of the world. Immigration has changed the lives of many people in this country. Countless amounts of people have left their home countries in seek for an improved lifestyle and a healthier environment. This decision not only affects them, but also their children and their family. For example, when my Grandparents emigrated from Mexico to the US, I was affected by their move because when I was born, it was in a nonviolent and diplomatic environment. Therefore, this same process will repeat it its course again when I get married and have children, they will also be born in the same environment I was born in.

In America there are freedoms such as the freedom of speech that entitles the American people to express their opinion about what they feel is right. In contrast in Mexico, expressing opinions against the government or the Mexican Drug Cartel...
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