Chinese Products Discrimination

Topics: International trade, China, Hong Kong Pages: 2 (456 words) Published: October 30, 2010
Lost in translation – misunderstanding between cultures

Say “no” to Chinese domestic products discrimination.

That is why the Chinese government has designed a set of rules and regulations called “The Product-specific Safeguard Measures” which is made for trade negotiations between China and foreign countries; they are specifically aimed at products produced from China and countries and people with strong discrimination against these products.

So these measures protect Chinese products and they are very important to China and personally as well. It is therefore I have decided to conduct a careful study of these regulations and find the positive and negative effects upon China.

The Safeguard Measures works as a protection of Chinese domestic industry, to prevent too much imported products coming from other countries and into China. Safeguard Measures were first applied in 1953 when Japan violated sections of these rules.

Firstly a very positive effect of these terms helps to drive China to reform its trade system and adjust its trade policies.

What that means is the Chinese foreign trade experienced a fast development after the reform and the open policy was introduced and now it is playing a very important role in China's economic development which is great. That means the average income of citizens and life style will slowly get better and better.

Secondly, the Safeguard Measures are important force towards China's new manufacturing structural adjustment. This means China's economy is at the stage of changing and improving. But foreign countries currently demand upgrading industries and wish to profit in the future while within China, people wants short-term profits and make money quickly this creates a strong disagreement. However by using the terms correctly soon both sides would be in agreement.

Lastly, these terms are driving Chinese enterprises to speed up their technical innovation and increase the technical content of their...
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