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Topics: Chinese language, American Civil War Pages: 2 (596 words) Published: May 8, 2013
In the articles by Tannen, Kingston, and Ehrlich, they all have something in common which is about the surrounding community that they grew up in. The community that Tannen describes is that how they exclude women from being able to do a man's job. In Kingston's article he describes how a Chinese girl, which is her, is being treated and at least trying to fit in with the other kids when she was growing up. Ehrlich's article basically ties in on how an outsider tries to fit in but can't even though he "looks" like the rest. All three of these writers describe how hard it is to at least be treated equally by trying to fit in. They all intend to give the readers a more in depth knowledge of sexist, discrimination, equality. But throughout these three articles, the one that stood out the most was "About Men" by Gretel Ehrlich.

Throughout these three articles or description of communities, the one that was very hard to understand would be "About Men" by Gretel Ehrlich. The main reasons why this article's community was very hard to understand would be because on how cowboys that were being described that was in the article was describing different people in different places so there really wasn't like a specific community to be described in this article. Also another reason would be on how different cowboys felt in specific places that Ehrlich been describing. For example, Ehrlich describes how Southerners moved to the West looking for work after the Civil War ended. He goes more in depth on how different cowboys treated women by tipping their hats and saying, "Howdy, ma'am", but still gave them the respect they needed. Ehrlich shows here how much of a difference time and war made men change the way they treated women. Also, he goes into a depth on how young cowboys weren't able to "express the complexity of what they feel" towards women. They still had "explosive emotions" and weren't able to tone it down.

This community that Ehrlich describes is very different in...
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