Chinese Fast Food Swot

Topics: Food, Culture, Eating Pages: 1 (276 words) Published: March 30, 2008
1.1 Chinese Traditional Food Culture

Food is closely related to culture. Different nations create different food Cultures. So the food Culture has strong national characteristics and diversified idiosyncrasy. The global foods can be divided into two major systems of eastern foods and western foods. Among the eastern foods, Chinese food is one of the most representatives, of which the food way, the food culture, the development history, and the relative national conditions and customs have a very great difference from the western foods represented by America and Europe.

1.1.1 What Is Food Culture

Food Culture is a general concept relating to natural science, social science, and philosophy. It is a culture category without a clear edge, lying between the culture’s narrow sense and board sense and circulating the two. As our consideration—Food Culture means skill, science and art in the process of developing and utilizing food raw materials, making food and consuming food, as well as the customs, traditions, thoughts and philosophy which are based on the food. That is, Food Culture is the sum of all food matters which are made up of the way, process and function of people’s food production and food life.

Food Culture is the knowledge about under what terms the human beings (& a nationality) eat, what to eat, how to eat it, and what conditions will be after eating. Therefore it forms its own particular fields, such as the food raw

materials (production, development, selection, and classification etc.), processing technology and making techniques, preserving, keeping fresh, food commerce and service, processing tool and food utensil, and the relevant customs, system, psychology, thought, etc.
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