China's One Child Policy

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  • Published : April 23, 2013
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Is China’s one child policy a good idea? Yes I believe it is. If China didn’t have the one child policy the average person would have less water and land (Doc C). A student that is only the only child will have a higher chance of getting better grades (Doc F). And you also wouldn’t have to spend a lot of money if you have a small family. When this policy didn’t exist a whole bunch of people would have babies, and there were too many people living in a place.

China has so many people. They needed something that would decrease their population. Their population is dropping down slowly every ten years (Doc A). The one child policy limits Chinese couples to only have one child (Intro). When it’s the 2020’s China’s population is going to start to decrease (Doc A).

There are going to be less people in China. Since there is going to be less people in China they won’t need as much water (Doc C). Liu says, the population controls have kept sulfur dioxide emissions down by 17.6%, and reduced water pollution by 30.8% (Doc C). There are so many people in China they need a way to decrease their population.

A whole bunch of people in China died. A devastating famine killed an estimated 30 million people (Intro). This devastating famine took place in the 1950’s (Intro). The Chinese people have died because of really poor leadership.

In conclusion, is China’s one child policy a good idea? Yes I believe it is, a lot of people have died because of a selfish, irresponsible, ignorant, leader, without this policy I believe people would still be dying of starvation, and filthy water. This law might be harsh and telling people how to live, but in the same time a leader does have to make hard decisions, and also he might be hated for doing this by some people but he is making the right choice.
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