China's Textile Tbt Impact

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International Business Research abou the texitle in BTT
Effect of Technical Barriers to Trade on Chinese Textile Product Trade Ningchuan Jiang Visiting Professor. FedEx Global Education Center. UNC. Chapel Hill. NC 27599, USA Depart. Economics and Management, Chengdu Textile College, Chengdu 611731, China Abstract It has been more than five years for China’s entry into WTO. With the decrease of regulations of tariff barrier and non-tariff barrier, the export market of Chinese textile products has been expanded and the market shares have been increased, which arouses great attention of many countries in the world. Some countries increase the limit of import. What should be noticed is the more covert and more agile trade barrier, which becomes the biggest barrier of export of our country’s textile products. This article reviews the concept and content of technical barriers to trade, concludes the condition of technical barriers to trade in the textile product field of America, Europe and Japan, analyzes the reasons of technical barriers to trade combining with Chinese textile product export condition and the effect from technical barriers to trade and finally discusses the measures of dealing with technical barriers to trade and existing problems of Chinese textile product export. Keywords: Technical Barriers to Trade, China, Textile Product Trade, Effect China is the biggest country producing and exporting textile products. The textile industry is China’s traditional predominant industry and pillar industry to gain export profit for the country. Since the reform and opening to the outside of the world, especially after entry into WTO, facing quickly increasing domestic and foreign demand and medium & low level product market, Chinese textile industry has developed greatly. The textile industry is an important industry of Chinese national economy, which plays a very important role in solving employment and expanding export. According to the data of National Development and Reform Commission, in 2007, the export volume of Chinese textile products reached $171.2 billion, which increased by 18.9% than last year and occupied 8.9% of Chinese import-export volume; in 2007, the trade surplus of Chinese textile products occupied 6% of the total national trade surplus. However, Chinese textile product export always faces the widest and the most strict quota limitation and more rigorous trade barriers. With the arising of new trade protectionism, the new trade barriers with the core of technical barriers to trade appear constantly, which results in more and more new trade disputations. Here the author propose a question: what is Technical Barriers to Trade? 1. Concept and Development of Technical Barriers to Trade Technical Barriers to Trade (for short TBT) means that in order to maintain national security, guarantee human beings’ health and safety, protect ecological environment, prevent trick and ensure product quality, one country adopts various compulsory or non-compulsory technical limited measures, such as technical regulations, standards and eligible evaluation procedure to authenticate import products on their technology, sanitation quarantine, product packing and label, which can improve products’ technical demand, increase importing difficulty and limit import finally. These measures become the barriers for other countries’ products to enter this country’s market freely. Here are the types of TBT: 1.1 Rigorous and complex technical standard. Developed countries have stipulated rigorous technical standard for many finished products. There are product standard, test method standard and safety & sanitation standard; there are industrial product standard and agricultural product standard. These standards are not the same in various countries, that is, the products can accord with one country’s technical standard but not accord with another country’s standard. Let me take clothing woolens as an example. France stipulates that the...
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