China's National Interests

Topics: People's Republic of China, Economic development, Economics Pages: 3 (951 words) Published: September 24, 2012
Evaluate the relative importance of the factors that shape the national interest in one Asia-Pacific state you have studied this year. National interest outlines the goals or objectives of foreign policy and is used as an all-embracing concept to justify policy preferences and actions. These commonly guide the interactions that occur in the global political arena. China’s key national interests consist of economic development, secession and territorial integrity, creating a harmonious society and a peaceful rise within the international community. The People’s Republic of China is widely believed to be the world’s next superpower by 2030 so the pursuit of these national interests is important in maintaining their strong economy to help prevent secession and create harmony amongst its citizen thus creating a positive image in the global community.

China’s economic growth has been a remarkable development in post-Cold War Asia-Pacific. China’s average economic growth rate of 10% in 2008 is better than any other economy in the Asia Pacific region and has become the 2nd largest global tender. This shows the economic power China has in the international community and the importance of maintaining this in order to preserve China’s national interest and guide their interactions with other states in the world. President Hu was quoted saying that China “must focus on economic development as our central task…. in the building of a harmonious society". Beijing has pursued the achievement of this interest through joining the World Trade Organisation in 2002, passing legislation to facilitate foreign direct investment into China and dropping their average tariffs to 11% in 2003. China’s reliance on FDI makes its economic development reliant on favourable relations with other states. Not only has China maintained its national interest economically, but Beijing’s economic power has also promoted investment in secessionist regions. The ‘Three Direct Links’ policy caused...
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