Chili Pepper Isn't Just Hot. It's a Medicine

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  • Published : February 2, 2013
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Name of Experiment: Chili Pepper isn't Just Hot. It's a Medicine.

Chilli pepper species are reported to contain many different compounds, including capsaicinoids (e.g.capsaicin), carotenoids and flavonoids. Some studies show that Capsicum and capsaicin may have anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial effects. Red chili pepper is hot. That's what we all knew. But there are people who can eat it just like candy, saying that it is tasty, sweet, and medicinal.

We can definitely eat that hot red chili pepper just like candies, while building a healthy body. Here's how.
* The first thing you want to do is to remove the hot taste in chili. You may wonder, is that even possible?

The hottest part of the chili is actually the cotton-like placenta that is surrounded by seeds.People believing that the seeds are the hottest is a common misconception.
After removing the placenta, you will be able to chew and eat the chili pepper without feeling any burning sensation or hotness. You will also be surprised on how spicy and sweet it is just like fruits. However, once the pepper dries and gets hard, the placenta tends to break, evaporate, and stick to its seeds and skin. Then, you won't be able to chew and eat it unlike when it is still fresh. Thus, dried chili pepper remains hot, and there's nothing you can do about it. Capsaicin – Source of Hotness in Chili Peppers

According to the dictionary, the pungent ingredient of chili pepper, within the placenta is called "capsaicin", which is insoluble in water. This means you cannot remove that hot taste even when you cook chili pepper with water. However, the dictionary continues to say that capsaicin is highly soluble in alcohol. Chilli pepper remedies

In medicinal doses it has a reputation for stimulating the gut and helping digestion, causing a burning sensation in the mouth and increasing the flow of saliva. It is reputed to stimulate the heart, skin, kidneys and nervous system and to act as...
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