Children with Disability: My Left Foot, a Movie Review

Topics: My Left Foot, Christy Brown, Daniel Day-Lewis Pages: 2 (588 words) Published: March 30, 2013
Ma Antoinette B. Rios

Weekly Assignments: Week 2: Movie Review MY LEFT FOOT…

March 15, 2013

True to life story of Christy Brown, who was born June 5, 1932 in Crumlin, Ireland diagnosed and suffered cerebral palsy, condemned by people and assumed to be confined in the convalescent for fear that the family, would not be able to care for him. Instead Christy’s parents took and cared for him at home, not only accepted him as normal boy but as part of the family. Inspired by this, He grew up and became a famous painter and writer later married a woman he loved. The movie My Left Foot, portrayed by Daniel Day-Lewis was a very inspiring movie. It shows that nothing is impossible, no matter what the situation-difficulties are as long as you persevere and have a positive outlook in life. In Christy’s case, his physical condition and the Doctor’s diagnosis didn’t stop him from achieving his full potential in life. As Christy, suffering from CEREBRAL PALSY and near total paralysis except only for his left foot, a disease that no one can cure, yet can be cared for. With his family and friends love and support he overcame his fear, anxiety and depression. He used his left foot for everything that needs to be done. He may be paralyzed but he was not totally mentally retardate, he was taught how to read, then started to attend some programs provided for people with special needs and from there he self educate himself, learned how to paint to show his perception in life, used the typewriter to write stories that may depict a portion of his life experiences… all of these to express his emotions to the world that surrounds him.

The main actor of the story, Daniel Day-Lewis did a very difficult and very convincing portrayal of the movie. I imagine how hard it is for him as he was growing up.. “He couldn’t talk yet he was able expressed his feelings. He couldn’t walk yet he was able to travel half of the world.” Daniel brought Christy’s life back again and showed the...
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