Children Upbringing

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Growing up in a single parent household can bring certain problems for an adolescent, such as understanding roles in the household. Not having the right gender around to learn from, and the amount of social qualities towards the same or opposite sex. In today’s world, socialization has been the key to networking, self actualization, and career decision making. There are many of stories dealing with adversity, based on the living conditions someone is exposed to when growing up. One of the most important factors is the upbringing a person goes through from childhood to adulthood, with different influences. To influence someone, is to have an impact in someone’s life so much that it will take what has been absorbed, apply it towards life. Parent’s behavior and attitude towards their kids has been a strong influence for a child’s upbringing. Parents set the standards and role that so children may or may not want to portray. The way to a raise a child affects how the child becomes an adult, taking on mature responsibilities. Some of the influences that involve the upbringing process are inside and outside the household; single or both parents being in the household. Outside influences would be the media, social interaction with peers as well as the environment that someone is exposed to. These factors will show that the single/dual parenting upbringing affects someone in decision making such as marriages, careers, and etc. The experiences someone has growing with a single parent may have a diverse effect than someone with both parents. Majority of children have grew up in the household with at least one parent or guardian, are able to socially interact with others based on the interaction they receive at home. With that interaction along with other factors, single parent upbringing can affect the things decisions a child make when matured.

As a child begins to develop, different parenting styles play a role when building a good relationship, effect the type of influence. According to Bill Muehlenberg(2006), “Children who grow up in households with only one biological parent are worse off, on average, than children who grow up in a household with both biological parents, regardless of the parent’s race or educational background” (p 58). Single-parent homes often live less well economically, educationally, and emotionally, and “encounter more difficulties on the road to becoming self-sustaining adults” (Ming Ming Chiu & Esther Sui Chu Ho, 2006 p 27). The style of parenting and interactions with children fall into three different types. The first type is permissive parent; which give too much freedom, without limits, and enough guidelines for the child to understand socially established norms. The person thoughts and reaction revolve around the interest of their friends and peers; the problem some parents is the tendency of trying to be a friend. The definition of a mother is a woman who conceives, gives birth, and raises a child. A father is the authority figure in a child’s life, has the responsibilities of raising the child as well. It is recommended to hold good communication with the child but it’s also another asking what discipline actions they should have. Authoritarian parenting are more demanding, strict, and do not have the freedom to express different opinions. Single parents have difficulty with their child when having an authority role, separate right from wrong. Faith comes by hearing, when a child hears things; it tends to move in them a sense of knowing something, handling later. When a parent reference their child to someone else, the child listens to that and for some creates a bit of anger, distress towards how they see that person. A child who gives their parents attitude, or curse at them shows a sign of disrespect towards the parent, because that’s not the tone they should be speaking. But some of the times, the reason they do that is because they may have seen a male figure...
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