Children of Men Essay

Topics: Immigration Pages: 2 (912 words) Published: May 22, 2013
1.Theo, Julia, Jasper, Kee and Marichka are most important characters in the film. My initial reaction to Theo was despair, apathetical and poor Government worker. Jasper was political cartoonist, and he was marijuana planter and seller and he knew these bombs were from Government. Kee was unconcerned girl. Julia was violent Fishes leader. Marichka was despair and talking nonsense. There are changed my reactions to them. Theo was the only one who Julia trusts to. Theo was changed to be more responsibility to take Kee to the Tomorrow, and he got emotional regression when he lost his loves. Julia is the first to revolt Government to cause Theo and Kee to make actions (encouraging people to not follow Government, run to the Tomorrow, and Theo returned his activist mind). Jasper’s political opinions affect Theo to be activist in the past, and Jasper’s expressions (talk with Kee about Chance) make Theo reminded his child and encouraged. Kee is the only one female who pregnant in the world (at least the background says so), and Human Project needs her and her baby to cure human’s infertility. Marichka is the one offering room to Theo and Kee to make birth, and she is leading Theo and Kee to go last step to the Tomorrow. 2.The immigrant parts are plausible because all the world of countries are messed, so these people become fugees to go England of London; however, the Government does not want them come in because there is seldom of resources. From the humanitarian point of view, a steady stream of the influx of refugees is bound to be completely destroyed city to make everyone become refugees. It is really exaggerated for that how these armies to do with refugees. It also pessimistic that Fishes made war with armies at Bexhill Refugee Camp, their wars kill these refugees. That already happened before at other country. 3.The illegal immigrants – I am not sure is there happened before, but for normally Government often get these illegal immigrants to back to their...
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