Children in Society

Topics: Family, Work experience, Childhood Pages: 7 (3034 words) Published: February 20, 2013
As children grow up, they are influenced more and more by the sphere outside their homes, and by their friends, parent’s friends, teachers, and people they meet and interact with in the outside world. Hence this essay shall be focussing onhow family influences children and young people, and the effect of parental and family influences on the personality development of children and young people. Furthermore, current social and equal opportunity issues which may influence the development of children in a multi-cultural society in Great Britain will be explored. The roles and responsibilities of Social Services, Health Care Trust, Private Sector, and Child Care Agencies as multi-disciplinary and interagency working together will be analysed. Lastly, this essay will reflect on my personal experiences in my work placement, in relation to diversity; and confidentiality will be maintained all through the learning outcomes. ‘Family’ can be defined differently as there is no typical family model across society (Lamanna et al, 2006). However, United Nations (1948) stated that ‘the family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society and is entitled to protection by society and the state’. As family patterns change over time, Crawford (1999) asserted thatsociety’s definition of ‘family’ is rapidly expanding and has come to include single parents, biracial couples, blended families, unrelated individuals living cooperatively, and homosexual couples, and so forth. For instance, the Nuer ‘ghost’ marriage in Sudan is different from what is considered as typical family setting in the west as described by Maybin and Woodhead, whichstated that a dead husband continued to be the father of the children born to other lovers by the widow (Maybin and Woodhead 2007). This form of family emphasizes the social connection between children and parent rather than biological ones.McDaniel et al (2005) has a different view about what a family is‘We define family as any group of people related biologically, emotionally, or legally’.From a West African cultural point of view, a family consists of the father, mother, children and extended relatives, which are referred to as the nuclear family (Widmer and Jallinoja 2008). People who live together in the village setting may not have a biological connectionor emotional links but are regarded as a family, as long as they co-exist in the same geographical location. From all these view points, children and young people’s lives are modelled, influenced and dependent upon which family structure they find themselves. Maybin and Woodhead (2007) argued that there is no such thing as a‘universal’ family, just as there is no such thing as an ideal family. According to Piaget as cited by Shaffer and Kipp (2010)children and young people learn from their parents, and they are influenced by family structure and culture, including their genetic makeup, which influences their personality. For instance,introverted, outgoing, clever, sporty, or anxiety might be a copied trait from parents (Sue, 2006). Stark and Buzawa (2009) stated that the family is a child’s first role model: not only do they set examples for children and guide them in how to make good choices, sometimes they end up sending the wrong signals to children and young people. For instance, checking the records of a child from a lone parent who was showing antisocial behaviour at work placement, suggested that the reason why the child has been violent towards other children in the Nursery was because he had witnessed a violent relationship between his parents. Conversely,Chief Judge Judith Kaye as cited by Wilson (2005) argued that "Exposing a child to domestic violence is not presumptively neglectful”. Not every child exposed to domestic violence is at risk of being violent in many instances.Yet this is an influence that may influence children and young people(Wilson (2005). However, Munger (2008) stated that a lot of researchers have...
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