Children as Consumers

Topics: Advertising, Marketing, Advertising to children Pages: 3 (958 words) Published: April 6, 2012
Carlos Cruz
Professor Bucher
17 Feb. 2012
Children as Consumers
Experts estimate that two- to fourteen-year-olds sway over $500 billion a year in household purchasing (Calvert 205). So is consumerism the backbone of the U.S. economy? Children who live in developed countries have a variety of products to choose from. These products are introduced to children by advertising. These advertisements are everywhere from TV to even inside schools. Corporations’ main goal is to sell their products, which leads to corporations going after the most vulnerable and gullible. One method of reeling in the children is using certain marketing strategies against kids. So children have to compete against intellectual marketers who have obtained information on children behavior. Most of us are influenced by advertisements one way or another. The main difference between adults and the youth is that children lack the skills necessary to understand the persuasive intent of advertisements. Today, children are born into a world of consumerism. They are taught to value more the material things rather than the sacred things like being a good friend. In today’s society, children receive not only their needs but also their wants, which is unnecessary. This concept is learned from advertisements which paint the picture of consumption equals happiness. Advertising to children might be good for business but there are also consequences like; psychological problems, negative health effects, and an adverse influence on children. The manipulation of children through false advertisement leads to psychological problems. In this past century, there has been a rise of addictions. Consumerisms towards children have lead to addictions like compulsive shopping. Compulsive shopping is due to the fact that corporations give more value to objects rather than humans. False advertisement also contributes to the problem because they place manipulated or retouched photos in their ads. Which lead...
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