Childhood Vaccinations

Topics: Immune system, Vaccination, Vaccine Pages: 3 (871 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Darnetta Fancher
Eng 102

What is Childhood Vaccination?
When germs enter the body, the immune system recognizes them as foreign substances (antigens). The immune system then produces the right antibodies to fight the antigens. Vaccines contain weakened or dead versions of the antigens that cause diseases. This means that the antigens cannot produce the signs or symptoms of the disease, but they do stimulate the immune system to create antibodies. These antibodies help protect you if you are exposed to disease in the future. There's a lot of discussion and controversy around the childhood vaccine debate. The truth of the matter is that childhood vaccines can create significant side effects that can irreversibly change the child's quality of life. The best choice or decision to make is an informed one. But in order to make an informed choice or decision, parents need the proper or correct information. The mercury / vaccine controversy began in 1997, when Frank Pallone, a Democratic congressman from New Jersey, attached an amendment to an FDA reauthorization bill, requiring the FDA to "compile a list of drugs and foods that contain intentionally introduced mercury compounds and [to] provide a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the mercury compounds in the list." The bill later evolved into the landmark FDA Modernization Act of 1997 (FDAMA) and was signed into law on November 21, 1997. At high exposure levels, mercury causes neurotoxicity in humans, especially in fetuses and small infants whose brains are still developing. The major toxicity of mercury is manifested in the central nervous system. Forty years ago, when women at Minamata Bay, Japan, ate fish contaminated with methyl -mercury from pollutants, their children were exposed to high levels in utero and were born with developmental and neurologic disorders. Methyl -mercury poisoning also occurred in Iraq following consumption of seed grain that had been treated with a fungicide containing...
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