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Assignment Guidance

Unit 3 – Supporting children

This assignment consists of 4 parts which must be considered in turn but which must be blended together into one flowing piece of writing with an introduction and conclusion.

This assignment is set in a Children’s Centre. You must reflect this in your answer.


Eg ‘A Children’s Centre is reviewing the policies and procedures which promote children’s health and welfare as well as their development.’

Then define what a Children’s Centre is. See the Sure Start leaflet on the Blackboard site for information.

Eg ‘A Children’s Centre provides services for families and children under 5 years old as part of the government strategy to provide targeted support to families under pressure ....’


This part of the assignment covers the following criteria: E1, E2, E3, E4 and part of E8 and A1

It is therefore worth up to 40 marks. This should be reflected in the words you use for this section which should be around 1400.

Introduce the topic you are going to be discussing in this section so the reader can follow your train of thought.

Eg ‘Legislation has a very significant influence on policies and procedures. The following 5 pieces of current legislation have influenced the policies and procedures in the Children’s Centre...’

You should then list 5 pieces of legislation – making sure to give them the correct title and include the date.

For each piece of legislation you should write a few lines describing it and the policy in the setting which it has influenced.

Eg ‘The Children (NI) Order 1995 is the primary piece of legislation relating to the law concerning children in Northern Ireland. One of its underlying principles is that children should be protected. This has resulted in the Setting’s Child Protection Policy.’

You must then describe briefly what the policy says and how it affects your working practices.

This is where you can give practical examples from your placement eg control of entry, police checks etc etc, as you are working with children under 5! You should comment on how these working practices help to safeguard children and promote fair, just and inclusive strategies. Obviously the relevance of these will vary depending on the policy you are discussing. You should repeat this process for all five pieces of legislation and the policy they have influenced.

In order to cover A1 you might like to reflect on the influence of legislation on working practices which you should have already demonstrated, with your use of workplace examples, is considerable. You should also reflect on legislation’s limitations eg ignorance of legislation and policies, out of date policies, lack of training etc.


This part of the assignment covers E5, D2 and C1.

It is worth up to 25 marks and should be covered in 800 – 900 words.

This section of the assignment asks you to demonstrate your understanding that policies and procedures are not only influenced by legislation but also by theories.

You could introduce this topic in the following way.

Eg ‘ The Centre’s working practices have also been influenced by current childcare theories which aim to empower children to develop independence and self-reliance’ , such as Bandura’s theory of Self-efficacy

You should then briefly outline what the theory says.

We also looked at several other theories eg Daniel Goleman’s, Theory of Emotional Intelligence, and you can select whichever one you like.

You must then link the theory to the strategies you have put in place to achieve this objective. Remember a ‘strategy’ is ‘a plan of action intended to accomplish a specific goal’. If the setting’s goal is to empower children to develop independence and self-reliance, what methods or ‘strategies’ do they use to try to achieve this?

We have looked at a number eg

• Valuing children

• Promoting self-help skills and therefore independence

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