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Child Develop. 10
17 April 2009
Child Study
The Child Study data I have gathered comes from the observation I have completed at Mission Bell Elementary School. Mission Bell Elementary School is a local school in Riverside. In the P.M preschool class there are 24 students, one teacher, and one assistant. The child I decided to observe is names Zoe. Zoe is 4 years and 10 months old. I immediately was drawn to Zoe because she had such a big personality, was very social, and smart. I am glad that I choose to observe Zoe because she was able to make my observation process smooth and easy. While observing her I had to pay close attention to her biosocial development, motor skills, cognitive skills, communication skills, emotional development, social interaction, and her self-esteem. As I share my observation data, I will give examples of Zoe’s skills and overall development thus far in her life. Biosocial Development: Physical Description

According to biosocial development norms Zoe is average. She is just the size she is suppose to be according the growth chart and development norms. Zoe is tall and lean. She is on the skinny side and has long arms and legs and a flat stomach. Zoe weighs 36 pounds and is 39.75 inches tall. On the growth chart Zoe is in the 50th percentile (CDC 2000) when it comes to her weight and is in the 25th percentile (CDC 200) when it comes to her height. From these percentages on the growth chart Zoe is falling right in the middle when it comes to her physical development, showing that she is growing at a normal expected rate.

Zoe displays an above average activity level in comparison to her peers. She has such a high activity level compared to the other children because out of them all she is the one that keeps busy. When indoor play time comes around Zoe is sure to play at as many play stations as she can. Zoe averages about 5 to 6 play stations. Zoe chooses to play at a number of different areas, whereas, many of the other children just get around to two different play stations. At each station Zoe spends 41/2 to 5 minutes playing, showing that Zoe’s ratio of active running around periods out weight the inactive sitting and playing periods. Motor Skills

Zoe does a does a good job at controlling her gross-motor skills as well as her fine motor skills. Zoe has good balance and speed for a 4 year old. When Zoe’s gross-motor skills are compared to her classmates you notice her advancement. She does not stumble over her feet or object such as the carpet, as much as her peers do. When Zoe is outside her favorite activity is to play on the jungle gym. This activity is able to show Zoe’s good development of gross-motor skills because of how she is able to climb up and down the stairs of the jungle gym and with such speed. “Many children by age 2 become smooth and rhythmic – secure enough that soon they leave the ground.” (Berk, 2007, P. 224). Zoe has mastered her fine motor skills. Zoe is able to correctly hold writing objects such as markers and crayons; she also holds glue sticks in the writing position. She holds the maker or writing object in between her thumb and her middle finger and allows her index to help support her writing tool. By having this technique down Zoe is able to control the lines that she makes on her paper as well as how dark her lines will be. She is also able to manipulate how much glue is going to go onto her paper and where it will go. In comparison to Hayliegh (3-8), who is still holding her writing tool with her palm, Zoe shows she is more advance in her fine motor skill. While playing at one of her favorite indoor play stations, which is play dough, Zoe uses her hands to manipulate the play dough into various shapes and objects. The way she is able to grasp and squeeze the play dough shows her sensatory skills, which are in connection to her fine motor skills. These two examples show that Zoe has master over her hands and how they will work to...
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