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Child Development Article Review

Melissa Hennessy October 3, 2011

Sleep and Adjustment in Preschool Children: Sleep Diary Reports by Mothers Relate to Behavior Reports by Teachers

Bates, E. John, Viken, J. Richard, Alexander, B. Douglas, Beyers, Jennifer, and Stockton, Lesley (2002). Sleep and Adjustment in Preschool Children: Sleep Diary Reports by Mothers Relate to Behavior Reports by Teachers. The Society for Research in Child Development Inc, January/ February 2002, Volume 73. Number 1, p.62-74.

This article is about studying children’s sleep patterns to see if sleep disorders may be a direct correlation to behavior problems within children. Could sleep issues be the cause for such issues like ADHD and other behavior related illnesses including psychiatric disorders? According to John Bates, Richard Viken, Douglas Alexander, Jennifer Beyers, and Lesley Stockton, there are many behavior related disorders that could be related to how much sleep a child receives, along with the age and quality of sleep. Many parents who have children with behavior related issues are realizing that the quality of sleep may be directly related. There may be many factors that can be discussed and taken into consideration, including environmental factors, developmental factors, income of families, and genetic inheritance as well. There are many types of sleep disturbances that need to be looked at since many young children experience different forms of sleep disturbances such as, night waking, sleep walking, resistance to bed time routine, delay, and trouble falling asleep. Survey showed that 42% of 12 -35 month olds had problematic bedtime resistance, and 35% of all others have night waking issues. (Bates, E. Bates et all p.62) Sleeping disorders in the young child can have a negative impact on the brain, inadequate amounts of sleep can cause a child not to perform up to their potential, resulting with stress.

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Stress causes a number of issues within...
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