Child Sexual Abuse History

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Child Sexual Abuse
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With the development and subsequent global rise of free trade, globalization and internationalization many new benefits are afforded to society, many old and new social inequities have reared their ugly heads once again. This has allowed an alarming and disturbing rise of instances in the exploitation of minors. The most widespread and upsetting of these is child sexual exploitation. Child sexual Abuse has been defined by the text Human Sexuality, as, an adult engaging in sexual contact of any kind with a child inappropriate touching, oral-genital stimulation, coitus and the like. Child sexual abuse is an abuse of power that encompasses many forms of sexual activity between a child or adolescent (most often a girl) and an older person, most often a man or older boy known to the victim. This paper will explore about the child sexual abuse, its history and its effects in the society.

Child Sexual Abuse
Child sexual abuse became a public issue in the 1970s and 1980s. Prior to this point in time sexual abuse remained rather secretive and socially unspeakable. Child sexual abuse only came an issue after laws that protected cruelty to children were established. In the late 1800s the Prevention of Cruelty to Children was formed and by 1900 there were 161 similar groups. This legal action was in response to a high profile case in 1874 known as the Mary Ellen case, which involved the abuse of a small child. In 1900 children were given equal status as domesticated animals under the law. Studies on child molestation were nonexistent until the 1920s and the first national estimate of the number of child sexual abuse cases was published in 1948. By 1968 forty four states had enacted mandatory laws that required physicians to report cases of suspicious child abuse. Legal action began to become more prevalent in the 1970s with the enactment of the Child Abuse and...
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