Child Observation Paper

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When I arrived, Athena was finishing her morning snack/breakfast. After a few minutes, she got up and stood in line to wash her hands. (gross motor skills) While waiting, she was standing very close to the other child in front of her. With the assistance of a teacher, Athena washed her hands and pulled out a paper towel from the dispenser. When she was done drying her hands, she walked over to an area with a lot of toys. She grabbed a stuffed animal. She then started crawling around the floor as she looked at the other toys. She found a pet carrier and proceeded to put the stuffed animal into the carrier. When she finished putting the stuffed animal in the carrier, she placed the carrier on a chair. She then looked around the toy area and walked to the center of the classroom. Athena stood in the center of the classroom for a few minutes. She looked at what the other children were doing. She returned to the chair where she had left her stuffed animal and picked up the carrier. With the carrier in hand, she walked to a table where other children were playing. She sat at the table but did not play or interact with the other children. (onlooker play) After a few minutes, she took the carrier back to the play area and set the carrier on a chair.

After setting the carrier down, Athena went to a desk to do an activity. Another child followed her to the desk but Athena did not interact with the child. Instead, Athena interacted with the male teacher near the desk. Athena showed the teacher the object which she was playing with. Athena focused on what she was doing until another child showed up. When the child tried to grab the eye dropper, Athena took it away from him. Athena would not share with the other child. The teacher engaged Athena into a conversation. The teacher asked her about colors and she was able to answer his questions. (social mediation) Athena continued to play alone for a few more minutes. A different teacher asked Athena to...
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