Child Labor-Research Paper

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  • Published : October 8, 2012
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Child Labor
Children are the most important people in this world. Not only are they innocent and premature, but they also provide the future for this world. Every great leader or world changing man or women was once a bay. That baby grew up and became something great. Because that bay was raised the right way they were able to achieve men’s greatest achievements. If people like George Washington were raised differently then where would America be? We could still be under British Rule. We could be one of the governments that keep getting into civil wars because they have no strong leaders to lead them in the right direction. One child can rearrange how the world is today. Children are like a ball of clay. Children must be cared for in order to be shaped into a beautiful masterpiece. What masterpiece can you make with cracked clay? Ask any artist or sculptor you can’t work with cracked clay. It crumbles and falls apart in your hand. How can we make this world a masterpiece if the structure isn’t supportive? Child labor is the harsh dry climate that can dry and crack the future masterpiece that is our world. We need educated, healthy, and able children to run our future world and make it the utopia we wish it could be. Putting Child Labor on the front of Time Magazine can really help with this problem. Having this topic on the front of such a popular magazine can really help with the publicity this topic needs. There can be a lot more done to help this on going problem. We need to educate the world on what is happening to these poor children that this has to happen too. Child labor is a very important problem and needs to be stopped as soon as possible. Child Labor should be on the cover of Time Magazine because it is a growing problem, it can destroy countries, and children are the future for this world. Keeping in mind all this aspects I believe that child labor is completely cowardly act of the cruel people and should be banned. The history of child labor is very extensive. Not only has it been around since the beginning of time it’s also been a technique used in every single country in the world. As a matter of fact Child labor is still around today. It may not be as extensively used as it used to be but it is still around. During the 1700’s child labor was a big part of the industrial revolution. Kids were hired to do tasks that required their attributes. They were ordered to crawl under working machines and check things out. Surprisingly Children were given the most dangerous jobs. Many children died, lost limbs, or were seriously injured. As the problem grew it was introduced to more immature countries. These countries used children for many things including work. They would have them work on farms, factories, or other laboring jobs. Rebel armies in 3rd world countries are especially big fans of Child Labor. They use children for everything for the fact that they are easy to brainwash. They use children to distribute guns, as soldiers, or as servants. “The main use of Child Labor now is mostly 3rd world countries. These countries have been depending on these children for many things. They need these children so much because they are very new countries. These countries might have become independent not very long ago and struggle very much to remain stable”(Galbi Douglas).Because these countries are so young thy are way to busy trying to figure out problems like who is in charge and dealing with rebel armies that this problem is almost nothing to them. Believe or not some governments use child labor. These 3rd world countries believe that putting a child to work is fine. As I said before the history of Child Labor is very extensive and there is probably some things that experts don’t even know about this topic. Child Labor has been a growing problem ever since the beginning of time. According to the history of Child Labor not very much has been done to prevent Child Labor. Certain countries have created laws preventing...
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