Child Labor

Topics: Business, Childhood, Corporate social responsibility Pages: 4 (1230 words) Published: April 11, 2013

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‘Some Businesses Have Started To Respect Child Rights’

Prepared For:
Md. Aftab Uddin Chowdhury
BRAC Institute of Languages,
BRAC University.

Prepared By:
Nirzhar Chowdhury
BRAC Business School.
Course: ENG 101(sec 7).

”Respecting Child Rights consists of Corporate Social Responsibility”

We are more or less familiar with a quotation of Karl Marks. That is “A child of today will rule the world in future.” Yes. I also agree with him. But some incidents occur in our daily lives which make us thinking about the probability of the possibilities. Last month on 26th march I went to Chittagong to join a re-union of our college. After the program, with some of my friends we went to naval academy which is situated near the sea beach. That’s an awesome place and is used as tourist spot. We entered into a roadside hotel to take some light Tiffin and coffee. But something made my mind destructed. The owner of the hotel was so angry with a little boy who works a “glass boy” at that hotel. There “glass boy” means the employee who’s job is to wash glasses, serving filtered water to the customers. He came to our table and served water. I called him affectionately and asked his name. He was so scared of the owner of the hotel that he couldn’t talk to me frankly. I again called him by his name “Mafij” and asked what’s wrong with him. At last he told that, he had been suffering from fever for few days, suddenly he felt so weak and got faint. Accidentally, he broke 4 glasses. The manager beat him brutally and told that, the price of the glasses is going to be deducted from the poor boys monthly salary. The boy was so cute and modest. I felt so pity for him. My nephew of his age broke a LED television, but he was not rebuked or beaten. But this poor boy is going to be punished for breaking only four cheap glasses! I called the manager, paid the...
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