Child Development

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My family is the closest thing to me. I know my life can compare to my brothers and sisters. Out of three sisters and two brothers I went with one of my sisters. Her name is Holly she is 21 and we are similar more than any of my brothers and sisters. We have experienced going through pregnancy at a young age, family problems and becoming an adult.

She got pregnant at the age 16, we all were upset with her. She went through a lot with all of us and my mom. We still excepted it and stuck by her. She said the hardest thing was not having the babys dad accepted by my mom. She just wanted that family idea for her family. She had her baby heidy at the age 17. I can compare to my sister because I went through the same thing I got pregnant at the age 16 and had my baby at 17. It was very hard being away from her dad but he was there when I had her and is in our life today.

Our family is very crazy, but when it comes down to it we are all there for eachother. We have our moments and fights, we stop talking and then start talking. We are not a perfect family but there isnt a perfect family. Holly and I went through a lot of fights when we were young. Know we are adults and have our own families we are totally different. We don't fight we might get mad about something stupid but when it comes down to it family is that only thing you will have in the end.

We had to grow up and become young adults when it came to us having our kids. She didn't finish school. Her not finishing school has actually helped me want to finish. I rather prove everyone wrong then to give them the satifaction of them being right. She also said how sometimes being young and having a kid people still dont take you serious. I told her about an accidnet that happen at the doctors and she said it was cause im young and think i dont know what im talking about that she went through the same rudeness.

Through everything I love my sister, all of them and my brothers. I can relate to all of...
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