Child Care Level 2

Topics: Psychology, The Child, Work Pages: 3 (786 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Student Name: NATASHA ISSA

UNIT 5 (D1)
I am writing about four (4) aspects of professional practice: Time –keeping and attendance
Attitude to work
Suporting colleagues
Understanding children’s behaviour
D2 – Why you need to do these things.
Time- keeping and attendance
One professional practise I have chosen to write about is time-keeping and attendance. This is because it is important to attend your placement regularly because many people rely on you and expect you to have prepared activities for the children. If you arrive late and were supposed to start an activity in the morning the children and your supervisor will be disappointed and you will have let them down. However if you arrive on time or just arrived extra early it will show that you can fulfil your responsibilities and can be relied/ trusted upon to do any set task given you by the supervisor. Furthermore in my work placement i always try my best to arrive on time and go to my placement everyday. This is a good start to the working day and should become a habit. I also need to attend college regularly so that I do not miss out on my learning. Attitude to work:

The reason why I have chosen ‘attitude to work’ is because you need to be a good role model for children to copy. You need to have a flexible attitide to work and be prepared to do some jobs you may not Like doing such as cleaning. You should be prepared to do all these things because you are the one who chose to do this course and if you didnt know you should have researched before you were permitted to do the childcare course. It is very important to show a positive attitude because if you work hard enough your supervisor will give you a good reference and they might keep you on. Parents also need to feel that you care about your work and this is demonstrated in your attitude towards them and their children.

Supporting colleagues
Another aspect of professional practise which is very...
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