Child Abuse in China

Topics: Child abuse, Abuse, Domestic violence Pages: 3 (656 words) Published: April 25, 2008

What would you feel if your parents sold you in exchange for a little money? Can you imagine being abducted by illegal laborers and forced to work 20 hours a day, while being whipped at the slightest signs of defiance? What if you were slapped in your face because you had addressed the teacher by his first name?

A 17 year old boy named Chen was a victim of illegal child labor and abuse and suffered a broken tendon on his right wrist. A 15 year old girl named Wang Li from Shaanxi suffered a ruptured eardrum after a teacher slapped her for the same exact reason. A 3 year old girl in Zhengzhou was beaten to death by her parents because she was unable to read.

-name & topic
-causes, effects, prevention and conclusion of the child abuse in china.

Why are children in China being abused?
-Many child abusers were themselves victims of abuse.
-Stress, poverty, mental issues, divorce, lack of parental skills and drugs also play a big role on why parents/elders engage in child abuse. -According to Zhang Liling, director of the Children's Department of Guangdong Provincial Women's Federation in China... "Many parents and teachers seem to think that abuse, either physical or mental, is helpful for children's future development" -An independent research showed that 60% of 276 of primary school students were beaten at home for behaving badly or getting poor grades. -Violence on campus is also on the rise in China, and more than 45% of parents agree that it is appropriate for teachers tp use "moderate" insults to get children to behave. -Children in most provinces in China are also being forced to quit school to make money for their families, abducted and sold to illegal laborers as slaves. -Young boys and girls are also victims of sexual child abuse in China from being talked obscenely to inappropriate fondling and child rape.

Effects/Consequences of child abuse
-abuse and neglect are causing more injuries and deaths among...
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