Child Abuse and the Impact on Adolescent Development

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  • Published : October 25, 2005
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Child Abuse and the Impact on Adolescent Development

Self-Reported Abuse History and Adolescent Problem Behaviors. I. Antisocial and Suicidal Behaviors
The purpose of this study was to examine physical abuse, sexual abuse and the effects on adolescent behavior. The study was conducted through a questionnaire distributed to 4,790 students in grades 8, 10,and 12 in Washington State public schools. The questionnaire addressed a variety of student health risk behaviors. The questionnaire asked about abuse histories, antisocial behavior, and suicidal ideation and behavior. The answers to the questionnaire were designed to indicate different levels of abuse, antisocial behavior and suicidal ideation. The results of abuse history consisted of 11.4% reported physical and emotional abuse, 5.9% reported being molested and 8.8% reported being abused and molested. Abuse histories differed between males and females. The female gender reported higher percentages of abuse sexually and combined abuse and the males reported higher percentages of physical and emotional abuse. Abuse history was associated with antisocial behavior and associations were stronger for combined abuse or molestation alone. Males were also more likely to engage in antisocial behavior. Suicidal behavior is associated with abuse history and shows stronger associations for combined abuse or molestation alone. Females were 1.5 times more likely to report non-injurious suicide attempts. The risk of having a suicide plan or injurious attempt was not significantly related to gender. A combination of antisocial behavior and suicidal ideation was more likely in males and younger adolescents were more likely to report this combination. This study concluded that both mild and severe antisocial behavior is associated with abuse history and suicidal ideation and behaviors are associated with abuse history in adolescents. The Relationship Between Sexual Abuse And Purging: Findings From...