Chiken Run Analysis

Topics: English-language films, Jane Horrocks, Mel Gibson Pages: 2 (560 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Target Audience

The target audience for Chicken Run is family viewing as it is model animation and is simply for younger viewing and it also has adult humour so everyone in the family can enjoy it.

Type of Animation

Chicken Run is a film made using characters and models out of plastercine and clay etc. so it is a model animation.

Camera Movement

Throughout Chicken run there is a wide variety of camera angles used, each specially selected to give a certain view or impression to the audience. An example of this is when at the start of the scene there is a high angle shot which emphasises the top of the fence and the difference between the outside (freedom) and inside (prison). It then pans across, tracking down to look through the gate which shows the chickens trapped inside. Also in the background you can see watch towers which again emphasis the chickens trapped inside like they are in prison.

Use of Music

Music is especially important in any film as it helps to build up tension and show the emotions that are on screen. An example of use of music is at the start of this scene when looking through the closing gates where you hear music which is big beating like a persons heart who is scared at being locked in beating which gives of a dramatic impact. Also throughout the film you hear the great escape music that emphasises being trapped inside and trying to escape to freedom that is the chicken’s situation.


SFX is used in all films to make the characters and films seem alive and also they help to create emotion such as fear etc. and they help the audience fell the characters emotions. This is shown at the start where you see the gate close and you hear the locking of the chains that gives of the idea of being in prison and being captured so it shows them trapped inside wanting to escape. Another SFX is where Mrs. Tweedie is walking up past the chickens and you can hear her thumping footsteps. The...
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