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Topics: Human anatomy, Bone, Human skeleton Pages: 3 (724 words) Published: December 19, 2012
Choose 6 bones that the chicken and human have in common – list them and their function in each organism. Choose 3 from each organism which the other does not have – list them and explain their functions and how it relates to each organism.

The skeleton of a chicken and a human have many similarities and differences. Of course, the skeleton of a chicken is much less smaller than of a human’s therefore more bones are fragile to the chicken. Human’s bones and chicken’s bones are adapted to their own lifestyle.

To name a few bones that the chicken and human have in common – here’s six: femur, ribs, phalanges, vertebral column, humerus, and sternum. The function of the femur, or thigh, in the human body is to support the skeletal bones located above the femurs and to cause movement for the legs. The chicken’s function of the femur is the same as it supports the upper extremities as well and causes movement. The ribs of both the chicken and human body protect the organs like the heart, lungs, and kidneys. The phalanges of the chicken are quite different than a human’s, but they have the same function—to grasp objects. The phalanges of the human feet are to balance and stand upright. A chicken only has four phalanges as the third one is the longest; their function is also to balance and the claws are made for scratching. The human vertebrae provide support for the body and the fibrocartilaginous disks located between the vertebrae allow for flexibility. They also protect the fragile spinal cord. The chicken’s backbone, or vertebral column allows it to move their head and gives strength to support the wings. The humerus in the human body and chicken are used for attachment and connection. The chicken’s sternum is a larger bone compared to the rest of the chicken body unlike the human’s sternum, which is smaller compared to the rest of the human’s body. The sternum in the human body essentially protects the heart and lungs whereas the sternum in the chicken helps...
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