Chick N Gravy

Topics: Management, Causality, Quality Pages: 6 (1217 words) Published: March 17, 2011
I. Introduction
II. Statement of the Problem

Based on the case, two problems were formulated?

1. How will defects be measured and what quality tools will be used?

2. What should Ana recommend to the manager after knowing the results?

III. Objectives

* To determine the most numbered defect and the most defective product line with the use of quality tools

* To address the solution to the manager

IV. Areas of Consideration

Chick-n-Gravy frozen dinner

A. Aesthetics

* This dimension of quality characterized the appearance, smell, and taste of the product. As the group assessed the Chick-n-Gravy frozen dinner, it showed that problems on aesthetics would be on unacceptable taste of the product and spilled or mixed products.

B. Conformance

* On this dimension, a frozen dinner firm is promising its customer to give them a quick healthy dinner that would fit their busy lifestyle. However, this was not met by the firm because their Chick-n-Gravy frozen dinner products are improperly sealed, and if frozen dinners are improperly sealed, this may cause shortening of its life and spoilage.

C. Reliability

* This dimension of quality evaluates product based on its consistency of performance. As Chick-n-Gravy frozen dinners are to be evaluated by its reliability, it seems that the consistency was lost because of the problems on underfilled and missing item products.

D. Serviceability

* This dimension offers handling on customer complaints and checking on customer satisfaction. Based on the case, the firm that produces this Chick-n-Gravy frozen dinners is good on managing customer complaints because right away, after receiving complaints, the manager then ask her assistant to investigate on the complaints and recommend solution.

V. Decision Criteria

1. Relevance

The tool/s should be relevant to problem so as to address the solution with reliability.

2. Determinant of the number of defected products

The tool must be able to count the number of defected products
3. Determinant of the number of defected products in each product line

The tool must be able to count defected products in each product line.

4. Accuracy

The tool/s should measure the problem accurately with exact numbers of defects in each product line and if morning or afternoon.

5. Information content

The tool should give a considerable amount of information that would suffice to the formulation of solution to the problem

6. Cause and effect determinant

The tool should clearly state the factors that cause the defects of the Chick-n-Gravy frozen dinner.

VI. Alternative Courses of Action

Use of Quality Tools

Alternative 1: Check Sheet

According to Stevenson, this tool provides a format that enables users to record and organize data in a way that facilitates collection and analysis. One frequently used form of check sheet deals with type of defect, another with location of defects.

Alternative 2: Pareto Analysis

Pareto analysis, according to Stevenson, is a technique for focusing attention on the most important problem areas. The idea is to classify the cases according to degree of importance, and focus on resolving the most important, leaving the less important.

Alternative 3: Cause and Effect diagram

According to Stevenson, this tool offers a structured approach to the search for the possible cause(s) of a problem. This tool helps to organize problem-solving efforts by identifying categories of factors that might be causing problems.

Comparative Analyses

Criteria| Alternative 1| Alternative 2| Alternative 3|
1. Relevance| √| √| √|
2. Determinant of the number of defected products| √| √| | 3. Determinant of the number of defected products in each product line| √| √| | 4. Accuracy| √| √| √|
5. Information Content| √| √| √|
6. Cause...
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