Chicago Bulls

Topics: Chicago Bulls, National Basketball Association, Michael Jordan Pages: 2 (591 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Basketball officially became a part of Chicago sports in 1925. Originally, there were two club basketball teams that were put together by George “Papa Bear” Halas in Chicago. They were both named the Chicago Bruins. Another team known as the Harlem Globetrotter originated in Chicago in the 1920's too, but were forced to play road games once the skating rink they played in closed down. The first NBA basketball team however to be a part of Chicago was a team called the Chicago Stags. This basketball team only stayed together for four years, between 1946 until 1950. Then in 1960 another NBA basketball team called the Chicago Packers was formed. This team only lasted two seasons until they were forced to stop in 1962. Eventually, the Chicago Bulls came along in 1966 and have been a part of Chicago ever since. This team was given their nickname, the Bulls, since the arena they played in was close to a livestock yard. (Owens 4-15).

As of today, the Chicago Bulls have had the most success in the 1990's. They won their first championship title in 1991 by beating the Los Angeles Lakers. In this same year, they set a record for the most points scored in regulation. It took them twenty-five years to earn their first NBA title. In 1992, the Bulls won sixty- seven games and another championship title. They wouldn't stop here though. In 1993, they won a third straight title despite many of their players getting very little rest from playing in the summer Olympics. In this same year, Michael Jordan, a Chicago Bulls' standout, earned his 20,000 career point. (Owen 30-35).

There have been several people who have helped in the success of the Chicago Bulls. Jerry Reinsdorf, the chairman of the Chicago Bulls team, has done many things to help the organization get back on track. First, he hired a group of season ticket holders to help increase attendance and then he led an effort to build a new stadium known as the United Center Arena. Jerry Reinsdorf also...
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