Chewing Gum at School

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  • Published : January 18, 2011
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Today, many schools prohibit chewing gum at school. Unfortunately, there are many students who break the rules, and get in trouble for this issue. But do you think is this fair??? When you think about it, it’s like it’s not that important. There’s a lot of reasons of why teachers and the school board, should you reconsider the idea of allowing the students to chew gum in class. But, the school board is taking away these students' right of chewing gum. They are crushing our freedom one by one, no chewing gum in class, no wearing hats in the school, etc… We children have a right we should be able to chew gum during class. Gum is not always to please the children's ease of chewing, it can also help students because it improves your oral health, it can help you with your diet and weight management, and it can also helps you improve your memory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Firstly, gum can help you improve your oral health because chewing gum increases saliva, which is the most important component of oral health and powerful protector of the oral cavity. Sugar free chewing gum doesn't cause tooth decay. It demineralises tooth enamel and has an antimicrobial effect. Those who chewed sugar free gum after eating had fewer cavities than those who did not. It freshens breath, whitens teeth by reducing stains and preventing stains from accumulating and it also reduces plaque.

Second, it can help you with your diet and weight management. With low calorie count, chewing gum is an inexpensive snack. According to some studies the adults who chewed the gum ate less calories of the snack than adults who did not chew gum. Both regular and sugar free chewing gum helped the adults to eat less. Also scientist tests, show that chewing gum burns 11 calories per hour.

And last but not least, it can also helps to improve your memory, while constantly chewing, the part of the brain memory increases as you move your jaw. Chewing gum increases blood flow to the...
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