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Six Game Changers About SaaS
Plex Online White Paper

At a Glance
• This paper summarizes six game-changing aspects delivered by Plex Online SaaS ERP. • Areas range from the benefits of true ERP integration, to ease of use and the importance of up-to-date functionality. • In each case, the benefit is an improved and optimized manufacturing process to help the enterprise thrive in a challenging market. | 1.888.454.PLEX

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Six Game Changers About SaaS ERP:
Plex Online Brings a New Approach to Manufacturing Software
It’s a grim statistic. Researchers recently found that manufacturers implementing legacy, on-premise Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems face a high likelihood that those implementations will be delayed, that the systems will cost more than estimated, and that the solutions will deliver unsatisfying results.* Further compounding the problem is that costs quickly escalate out of control. Manufacturers face steep and ever-increasing licensing, implementation, customization, annual maintenance, and upgrade fees. To add insult to injury, those same researchers find that today’s manufacturer has just a 50 percent chance that users— those on the shop floor or at the shipping bay— will actually use the application. In short, manufacturers are burdened with costly, cumbersome ERP software nobody wants to use.

“Plex Online changes the game by enabling real process improvements.”

Beyond Traditional ERP
Over the last decade, the innovative Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model has evolved to let manufacturers move beyond traditional enterprise software. It’s a game-changing approach that lets the enterprise avoid costly licenses and complex hardware and software infrastructures. Leading manufacturers use the Internet to access systems that are deployed and maintained off-premise, and enjoy ease of use as well as industry-leading security and connectivity. | 1.888.454.PLEX

Plex Online White Paper | page 

Changing the Nature of the Game
The SaaS model is indeed a game changer, and Plex Online is recognized as the No. 1 ERP SaaS solution—ranked higher than all of the other, more familiar names in the ERP systems space. Moving beyond the SaaS delivery model, Plex Online changes the nature of the game in the following six key ways:

1) Full Integration
An ERP system is most powerful when it is fully integrated throughout the enterprise. Many organizations implement “best of breed” solutions only to find that the data hits a dead end or they must cobble together a custom interface to link systems. Tightly weaving traditional ERP with Shop Floor (MES), Quality, Supply Chain, CRM, Tooling, etc., into one solution is the optimal way to drive out costs. A fully integrated ERP system integrates all aspects of the operation, from supply chain inventories, to production planning, quality, parts traceability and shop-floor scheduling, to customer orders and shipping. By centrally linking a variety of data sources, including engineering, EDI, HR, and more, the enterprise gains the real-time intelligence required to make timely and effective decisions.

2) Unparalleled Visibility into Manufacturing Operations
One can’t improve what one can’t see. If obsolete inventory blocks a doorway, there’s an obvious problem. The key is to make waste “visible” long before that happens. Likewise, if the most up-to-date release requirements from the customer are not easily available, there’s no way to meet shipping deadlines. An innovative ERP system provides that crucial real-time insight, making the outdated, overnight batch processing once common with legacy ERP solutions a thing of the past. Full visibility means tracking key events as they happen and then putting the right information into the hands of the right people at the right time— whether it’s the machine operators tracking part numbers on a touch screen on the shop floor, or the...
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