Chetan Bhagat

Topics: India, Haryana, Tamil Nadu Pages: 2 (494 words) Published: November 28, 2011
Chetan Bhagat, is an Indian author, columnist, and speaker.
Bhagat is the author of five bestselling novels, Five Point Someone (2004), One Night @ the Call Center (2005), The 3 Mistakes of My Life (2008) , 2 States (2009) & Revolution 2020: Love, Corruption, Ambition. All five books have remained bestsellers since their release and two have inspired Bollywood films (including the hit film 3 Idiots). In 2008, The New York Times called Bhagat "the biggest selling English language novelist in India's history".[1] [2] Bhagat, a graduate of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi and IIM Ahmedabad, is seen more as a youth icon than as an author.[3] Time magazine named him as one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World.[4] Bhagat also favoured the forming of a system similar to the Lokpal as early as January 2011 through his articles.[5] Bhagat writes op-ed columns for English and Hindi newspapers, including The Guardian, The Times of India and Dainik Bhaskar, focusing on youth and issues based on national development.[6][7] Bhagat is also a motivational speaker and has given talks in leading multinational corporations and other institutions.[8][9][10] He quit his international investment banking career in 2009, to devote his entire time to writing. 2 States: The Story of My Marriage is a 2009 novel written by Chetan Bhagat. It is the story about a couple coming from two different states in India, who face hardships in convincing their parents for approval of their marriage. The novel is a fiction, but is said to be inspired from the real story[1] of the author and his wife Anusha who are from Delhi and Tamil Nadu, respectively.[2] This is the second Chetan Bhagat book based largely on his life, with the other being his first book 'Five Point Somenone'. He wrote this novel after quitting his job at an investment bank.[3] This is his fourth book after Five point someone, One night at call center, The Three Mistakes of My Life.

The story is about Krish...
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