Chemistry Self Assessment Test 1

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Chemistry Self Assessment Test 1

By | September 2013
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Self-assessment practice tests
Test 1 – Material from Chapters 2–4 | 45 minutes
1 The kinetic theory suggests different arrangements for the atoms or molecules in the three states of matter. The diagrams below show how evidence suggests the particles are arranged in the three states of matter. 1 2 3

What are the three states shown? 1 A B C D 2 gas liquid solid liquid 2 liquid gas liquid solid 3 solid solid gas gas

The graph shows the heating curve for a metal that is solid at room temperature (25 °C). The metal has been heated until it turns to vapour.

D Temperature / ºC


B A Time

Which part of the graph represents the period of time when the metal is melting?

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Self-assessment practice test 1



This diagram shows ice cubes floating on the surface in a glass of fizzy drink.

ice cubes




In which of these are the particles close together but free to move past each other? A B C D 4 bubbles glass drink ice cubes

A student wanted to obtain a pure sample of water from seawater. Which apparatus could he use to do this? A B C D


Separating sand from salt is a commonly used demonstration of the first stages of a purification process. The diagram shows the first step in the process. stirring rod

water sand and salt

What is the next step? A filter the mixture C evaporate the water B carry out chromatography D freeze the mixture

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Self-assessment practice test 1



Coloured sweets contain edible dyes. These dyes can be separated by chromatography. The diagram shows results obtained from three different orange sweets.






red sweet 1 sweet 2

red sweet 3

How many different red dyes were present in these orange sweets? A 4 7 B 3 C 2 D 7

Which of the diagrams shows the process of diffusion?




key different atoms


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